Over the Years, the expansions, the ups and the downs. Stark has grown and grown to the Goliath that it is now.

However we have ran in to an issue. We have been almost to sucessful... We have 5 full raid teams, most not having the necessary ranks to operate in an organised manner.

Our social side is huge and ever growing leading to casually used alts being brutally booted every week or so, just to keep us under the cap and not maxing out on a weekly basis.

The solution....

We split the guild.

So how is this going to work? what are the pros and the cons? 

So basically, team 1/2/4 are going to stay put in Stark, we have a new guild called Stark Industries XL which will home Team Zero and Team 5. 

This in affect doubles the amount of people we can hold, double the bank space, allows all teams to have their trial ranks. As well as room for more raid teams should they be needed.

Both guilds having the same name means anyone who wants to join can just /who stark industries and they are going to get someone from the community.

Community? spliting the guild will split the community? nopefully not, but that is down to you! We have a chat channel for Stark, (check Ginfo) Join that channel and it will allow both guild to talk to each other without a need of an addon. So doing dungeons and raids with other people is still possible. But as i said this requires you guys to use the chat channel and move away from guild chat. 

Raid teams will not be renamed! we will be using the same discord and guild site as we are still 1 guild.

This will be occuring gradually over the next few weeks, so dont be alarmed when it starts to occur.

Naturally this is a new thing for us, it might works brilliantly it might blow up and return to normal.

In other news we should have getting a brand new guild site. Keep your eyes open for that!

Day Where do socials join then? And who will be the GM of the original stark guild, since you are in team 0? :)
whitescalp With 1000 spots in guild and 5 raid teams, even with complete roster, reserves etc, wouldn't that be like 300-400 s...
Saeran Sounds fair, but I wouldn't just kick people while they are offline to move them to SI XL, might cause confusion?

Legion is coming look busy!

Piroen a posted Aug 24, 16

The Last WoD reset was today. With Legion starting monday these final straws of Warlords are your last chance to get your 100% mythic mounts,
prepatch gear and achievements. If you haven't already done it, preparing for Legion now is a good a idea. Having that said it is also the time for some reminiscing.

Warlords of Draenor was a crazy good expension for Stark Industries.
Raidingwise we started strong as a guild with an (anecdotal) EU 8th on the very first heroic boss and a very nice start into mythic.
After slowing down a bit in highmaul, Team 1 Managed to kill Blackhand (655th world) mythic the very last raid before Hellfire Citadel Released.
In HFC the team again improved itself and killed Archimonde (526th world) on December 9th.
Confirming the climb of raiding in Stark in WoD.


Talking about just the very frontline of the raiding scene though, obvioulsy sells the guild short.
While we've had a bit of a cycle of team 2(s). In HFC it all came together in it's current form.
Team 3 still in BRF getting together and fighting their way to 3 mythic kills, being promoted to team 2.
HFC is where they really rose to the challence and killed mythic Archimonde on Febuari 29th.
With Halloweens stream taking off and the guys having a laugh during raids they have grown to be a solid team.

But we still aren't done with all the raiding in Stark. Only as recent as a couple of months ago a third team formed in Team 0.
Under the leadership of our GM Vanish they quickly dealt with heroics they managed to get to 5 mythic kills.
And even then we haven't mentioned everything: during this prepatch and into Legion another new team: Team IV is forming.

However with 4 teams average of 25 members and the guild having 907 members 361 of which are unique accounts, leaves of with a massive social part of the guild.
While the guild continues to be build around the Preach Gaming communitie throughout WoD there's been growth and at peak moment topping out at 200 members online simultaniously.
Not only that there's been 2 IRL meet ups, We don't keep our silliness  in game thesocial aspects have drifted into Real life.
In 2015 Stark Industries was found in Amsterdam making the capital of the Netherlands unsafe.

A year later however we had obviously outgrown Amsterdam and moved on to Berlin, where we stayed 4 crazy days.

Now that we are done looking back it's time to gaze to the future. What are the teams goals and expectations for legion.
Team one is going to start Legion with a bulky roster, internal competition and ambition will have to make sure that the steps upwards that were taken in WoD are going to continue.
Team 2 is looking to solidify and push for more progression after finishing their succesfull run in HFC.
Team zero is looking to round out the roster and be a 2 day mythic force to be reckoned with
Team IV is going to continue to build and will try to venture into Mythics as soon as they can.

Simple goals to write down but hard to fullfill, We trust these teams will step up and rise above their set goals.

To finish off this a few words from our Gm and Team leaders.

Vanish GM and Team Zero Leader
"Team Zero Being one of the newer teams in stark has done well in its short life.
After drunkenly deciding to raid again during Starkcon2016 Berlin, we set out with the goal of being ready for legion.
This happened sooner then expected achieving 5 mythic in 5 weeks.
Being so close to legion and lot of our raiders looking to find the right class for the new content we decided we were not going to push HFC
and continue our focus on legion prep building a strong well rounded team.
In Legion we will be looking to clear end game content within our selected raid teams.
Thanks to those who went along with my drunken idea and those who helped early on while we were recruiting."

Alex Team 2 Leader
"I would like to thank everyone in stark for supporting Team 2 and giving us a place to grow as a team.
For legion we are looking to grow even further as a team and push as much progress as we can.
We are all looking forward to the new challenges that we will face."

Vernmist Team IV Leader
"Team IV was formed towards the end of WoD, however already I've personally had more fun in that short amount of time than I have done all expansion.
I want to thank everyone for their hard work, assistance and just generally being there every night smacking bosses and putting up with my random singing and occasionally high pitched girly voice!
We now have the core of our team sorted, and in Legion we are going to progress even further. Just no Iskar! Cheers all"

As for me, Piroen from Team 1
I'd like to thank everyone in Stark for their interest in and excitement about our progression in WoD.
I would especially like to thank Shade and Franky and Knupzz without their help I wouldn't have been able to lead Team 1.
And of course our Raiders, whom I'm looking forward to enter Legion with!

And finally a Thanks to every Officer in the guild without you guys everyone here would have to sort for themselves.
And a big thanks to everyone in the guild you are what makes Stark great and We hope you stay with us for yet another great expansion.

Legion Hype!

Changes Inc

Vanish a posted Jun 15, 16

As some of you already know we are making some changes to incorp other games in to the site as well as stream line recruitment for this guild. this might take a few days but bare with us!


With Legion due soon, and irl sorting its shit out, i now have time to raid. 

With that, we have put together a team to raid 2 nights a week, Wed + Sun 8.30-12.00 ST

We will be starting from scratch, the feelers are already out for retired mythic raiders who can no longer commit to 3 nights + but still have that need to raid, As well as those diamonds in the rough who are yet to be tested but have raw skill. Maybe you are stuck in a raid team and believe you can do better in a different environment.

The remaining part of WoD will be used to build a team and get some hfc clear. Our main focus is going to be legion and ensuring we get in the first day and make a really good push through the content. 

Events are already on the Calendar ingame open to the guild for heroic content while we recruit and get rolling strong.

For the immeditate future we will take anyone with mythic experience, just join Stark and sign up. (obv let me know) 

some current Mythic experience required to join the team immediately, we are taking people for legion, so if you feel you can raid at a high lvl then i welcome you to apply. (2 day team app)

(update 12/06) Week 6, Last 6 heroic clear + 6 mythic, we still need a few ranged dps to fill up 

Attendance requirements are 100% unless its totally nessessary. 

If you cannot make a raid you must post well in advance. not posting and no shows will be demoted/removed from the guild. With us only raiding 2 days attendance is key

Usual prio..


catch me in game or add me on vanish#2987



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